Welcome to the green gold rush of the 21st Century! The massive legalization of Hemp has produced a goldmine of opportunities as the 50 States of the Union have rediscovered the benefits of Hemp in the health and wellness industry. It is forecasted that the CBD market’s exponential growth will reach an estimated $23 Billion dollars by 2023!

 There has not been a single instrument of investment or product that has created a rush of opportunities and market growth ever within the last 50 years for the nutraceutical market.

 CBD with its all-encompassing potential to improve the lives of millions of Americans suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, etc. are starting to wean themselves away from traditional pharmaceutical treatment. CBD is slowly gaining multi-sectoral awareness and recognition as an alternate form of treatment for a multitude of health issues.

Ariflor’s brand has worked closely with CBD formulators, hemp suppliers and vendors to ensure a robust and secure seed to sale offering of products ranging from tinctures to salves and topicals. Crucial to the management during the selection of products was dosaging, selection of a lab that adhered to the highest standards of nutraceutical production. Acquisition of the highest quality of US produced CBD base ingredients as certified by US independent testing labs.


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