Who we are?

Ariflor is Tampa’s  foremost CBD brand and is the first local health and wellness company to provide both wholesale and retail distribution in the region. Ariflor is the brainchild of Karina and Frankie both local residents of Tampa , FL . They bring about positive  life changing experiences brought about through their health and wellness journey with CBD .  “ CBD usage has allowed my husband Frankie to live  relatively pain free , his usage of CBD has allowed him to move away from prescription meds to alleviate his crippling pain from his back injury and pursue  a pain-free lifestyle “  according to Karina .  Karina also states that her mother once attuned to the benefits of CBD from Frankie is now among the strongest advocate of CBD among her friends as she herself has noticed the beneficial effects as a regular consumer.

Our Mission

Our objective is for Tampa to recognize Ariflor as the leading and local go to CBD brand . We are here to educate and provide guidance to our locals who wish to purchase Ariflor CBD for their wellness needs . Ariflor’s online presence is to enable its visitors to both purchase CBD products and as an educational hub to further educate  the consumers about the Ariflor line of CBD products.

Our Brand

Ariflor is our family’s brand and mission to spread the many benefits of CBD as a wellness supplement. Our commitment to bring easy access to our community is expressed by our opening of our flagship store in Tampa Florida.  We formulated our CBD line of tinctures, lotions, massage oils, roll-ons and bath bombs to bring our unique experience into this new and exciting  health and wellness space .